Some ideas for programming projects have been kicking around in my head, and might be able to form the basis of some of the “side project” work detailed in Resolution #2.  Here they are, with a brief explanation:

  • A web app / iPhone app for to-do lists that behaves simply: each page is a list, each item can be dragged around in ordering on the list it’s in, or moved via dragging to another list.  At the top of each list is the name of the list, and each item has a checkbox to denote “complete”.  On the iPhone, it would be multiple pages so that you flick back and forth to go from list to list.
  • An iPhone app called “Wolf” that manages Mafia/Werewolf games as though they were play-by-post.  Basically, you subscribe to a game and receive push notifications (like texts) when another player broadcasts a message.  The app manages your role in the game, lets you broadcast to secret groups you are in (like when you are a bad guy and planning the group kill) and maybe restricts how many characters (a la Twitter) you can broadcast to make people think about what they are saying.  Also, it would thread discussions so that it’s easier to keep track.
  • A web framework that would let people create online board games – similar to Vassal but with a much better UI and suite of tools for the layman.  Maybe this would a good way way to start Space (semantic positioning and creation engine – see my old post here), a project I have long believed would be my masterwork… if I could do it. :)
  • Update/refresh Breeze, my online web client for play-by-email Magic draft.
  • Create Netdecks, a Netflix-like website where people could borrow Magic cards/decks.  Recently, I have thought maybe this could be a vendor/customer hookup where vendors sign up to give cards to the project and customers borrow them, kicking some money to me while mostly paying the vendor.
  • Finish/refresh my thread-level-permissions forums project, which has been sitting around unfinished for… ever?  A long time, at least.

Of course, I have a couple ideas that are not programming related!

  • A “The Game” style party involving a lot of my friends, even from all around the country (world?)… the limiter here is financials, but with a few friends in-on-it and willing to fund some, this might be totally awesome.
  • A game cabinet, arcade-style.

This is just a sampling of ideas that have been on my mind of late… I’m sure I’ll have another blog soon with even more!