I’m stuck at Seattle Tacoma International for a while, on the way to the third of three vacation weekends out of town. But for all of these “vacation” trips, I end up returning and feeling rushed or terribly fatigued. Part of the problem, and I’ve whined to various friends about this before, is the feeling of having no “free” time. This is true especially when work becomes draining during the week – it feels like all of my time not at work (or eating, or asleep) is planned out or taken up by activities with friends.

It’s not like I am upset about spending time with friends – far from it! I think there’s just something about my personality where if I don’t have a night or two a week where I am decompressing and relaxing, I feel super stressed.

That’s why visits with friends that are more optional feeling (not scheduled commitments) tend to be great, all the more so when it’s with an entire group I feel very comfortable with. The creation of mutual comfort with friends is not something I have spent a lot of time thinking about, but maybe I should.

Of course, this is probably all in my head. There’s a definite activation energy required for me to get out and do stuff even when I feel exhausted, but once I’m out, it never fails to be an excellent (even rejuvenating) time.