In the vein of thinking about technology and how it can improve our lives, I wanted to talk about “things that would be awesome to have as a digital in-eye head’s up display.”

Other than a clock with alarm capability, my top priority would be the ability to see the social web, like a visual version of Facebook friends.  Basically, I think of this as being a blue aura appearing around my direct friends when the system is active, and then trails to their friends (my second-level friends) shifting to a new color, and so on.  I imagine when the system is fully operational, and the settings are such that I am seeing deep into the friend web, I would see interesting connections in crowds.

I also think that preferences controls using my thoughts are high on the list.  That sort of integration probably runs deep, but I am all for upgrading my sensory systems from basic human to augmented technology.  As long as the core brain functions (decision making, analysis, basically control systems and thinking) are still regular ol’ Dave.