I have been semi-destroyed by my terrible Sunday hangover and subsequent fun-times-but-maybe-a-mistake outing for karaoke on Monday night.  So each day, when I oversleep and feel terrible, I have a nagging suspicion that things are much worse and there’s tons of stuff to do that I am not keeping track of properly.

Well, here’s the place for me to keep track of those tasks properly!

  • Re-up registration and… ahem… handle my “registration past due” ticket
  • Get locksmith on the line to figure out replacement keys for my lost keys
  • Figure out Max Plan for my GDC trip
  • Organize seeing SF/SanJo friends on my GDC trip
  • Organize TSP Rotisserie for Sunday
  • Clean place, replace light bulbs, do laundry and dishes
  • Work on a side project over the weekend – maybe 2To, upgrading WordPress functionality, or Breeze?

EDIT: Getting frustrated with when I complete a post, say Publish, and then it doesn’t publish and in fact loses a bunch of information (everything I typed since last autosave).  Makes me want to make my OWN blog software. 😛 😛