Due to emergency preparedness scenarios at work, many people I know – including nearly all the people in my group – are receiving laptops in trade for their normal desktop machines.  I spent the better part of yesterday and today coordinating with our TS folks to setup said laptop.  I am not thrilled about this.

Pros of the Laptop

  • I have a work computer, with work stuff on it, that I can bring on work trips and into meetings in rooms without a computer.  So that’s nice… but I already had a laptop for bringing with me on work trips! 😛
  • It has a cool docking station, and is basically as good as my desktop – but those are just parity with the desktop I already have!

Cons of the Laptop

  • I don’t work as efficiently on a laptop.  The existence of the keyboard and mousepad, and the smaller size of the monitor, both conspire to make my workspace uncomfortable.  I do have a second monitor at work that I have plugged into it, which helps, but I need to investigate a way to put the laptop off to the side and just use two regular monitors, a regular keyboard and a regular mouse (i.e. remove the laptop from the equation – which sort of defeats the purpose)
  • I have to lug it back and forth each day, or else I am shortcircuiting the plan if and when there is an emergency.
  • I have a ton of resources and random files on the ol’ desktop machine that I either need to transfer or delete… and I don’t really have the time to spend doing those things!

As you can tell by my negative tone even in the Pros section, I am definitely not thrilled about this.  The new laptop case, which I was able to select from a catalog, is pretty sweet, but man, I find these interruptions in my normal workflow (to switch systems, etc.) to be frustrating even if they are determined necessary for the business as a whole.