The lateness of this post is the first criticism I have of myself: this month, I let myself become less routine and therefore more of a procrastinator.  I am still getting a blog done a day (with vacation trips, they have sometimes been erratically posted, but it’s still one-a-day, so that’s good).  I am not really hitting on a few of my other resolutions: cooking, side projects, exercise, physics and stress are not really at the levels I want them.

I did excellent on travel and going out this past month, with a plethora of new friends from the Magic Cruise, plenty of time out dancing and singing (both here in Seattle, and on my recent trips to the Caribbean and to San Diego), and generally getting out of the house.  The flip side of this is that I haven’t really found a plan that works for me for cooking meals or exercise.  The sporadic nature of “going out” (it tends to be unscheduled because the people I go out with – friends, and great people – are not super organized, nor have I been, about scheduling) has made my time at home very unorganized.

My plans for the upcoming (current) month:

  • Keep organized around my planned trip this month (GDC in San Fran, next week) so that both before and after, I am still on track to cook-exercise-side project.
  • Finish cleaning / unpacking so that I can move on with my furniture plan, making the second bedroom into an actual bedroom, and get visitors.
  • Choose nights beforehand where I know I want to go out and do something.  I’m sure, even if there’s no plan, that I can find something to do on those nights, and figuring out which ones I want to do in advance will reduce my overall stress AND work better with the cook-exercise-side project track.

Overall, February was a great month, but I feel like I’m slipping on my resolutions and need to redouble my efforts.