I really enjoy thinking about the class of technology we might call “superscience.” That includes stuff like teleportation and time travel – but it also includes some more realizeable things like broadcast power. In essence, broadcast power was imagined by Tesla and involves a power station generating a zone of power within which anyone (or maybe those with the correct technology) could tap into and utilize wirelessly. So, you could also think about it as wireless power.

I hate wires of all kinds. Being bound to a particular location to use a technology is super frustrating. The advent of laptops and wireless (even cellular) Internet have been huge steps forward, but we’re still missing two key components: holographic projection (to remove the need for visual-display cables) and broadcast power.

I heard a while ago that progress had been made in this area (I’ll see if I can find a link) that was basically a directed ramp-down field – the receiver resonated in such a way that it could pick up power from the transmitter’s field. What sort of crazy applications could this technology have? I’m imagining transport powered by such broadcasts, maybe rapid city infrastructure due to increased accessibility to power? Something else amazing that I can’t fathom?