Would living forever be a blessing or a curse?  I figured the simplest way for me to figure out how I felt about it would be to write out some pros and cons.  I am imagining the definition of “living forever” here is that you don’t die of natural causes, you stay at roughly the same physical body for all time (you don’t age, or you age very slowly) and nobody else is living forever with you.  Other possibilities (like you CAN’T die) are worth considering too, but I think of those three factors as the baseline.

The biggest reason that living forever would be great is that I would have all the time I want to do all the things I want.  Since I believe humans have basically unlimited potential – and that includes me! – having all the time in the universe to discover new things and make “progress” is pretty awesome.  There’s also no worrying about time being limited.  I think that all humans do things because of the impending deadline (pun intended), and more generally because they know they are aging and feel pressure to do certain things (leave a mark, propagate their genes and their ideas, achieve goals).  Living forever sidesteps the stress of needing to do a lot of that stuff, leaving you with just what you intellectually decide you want to do.

The biggest reason that living forever would be terrible is that you basically have nobody to share it with.  I don’t mean that you wouldn’t have people to share various experiences with – a big part of being human (even one who lives forever) is connecting with people in the short-term.  Although it is certainly possible to make new long-term friends and such, I think that a person living forever is going to be separated from humanity-at-large in a pretty big way.  I think most people who say they wouldn’t want to live forever are coming to terms with the fact that they would not be okay with living apart in this way.

I think, right now, if I had to choose, I would say yes, I want to live forever.  I am constantly worried that there’s so much I want to accomplish and so little time – living forever would remove the burden of that worry.  I have a sneaking suspicion that right now, I am underestimating the nature of the curse I describe above because I am not as emotionally close to my friends and family as say, many people are to their families (husbands, wives, children)… probably best to re-evaluate my opinion on living forever as I develop more close relationships.