So the theme I came up with for my first themed month is: Yesterdave!  This essentially means I’ll spend most of the month writing about my important / memorable / interesting memories.  Sometimes there will even be some meaty stuff to think about with regard to how they shaped me as a person!

Probably not much insightful to be gained about today’s, though – my first memory.  The earliest I can remember is being about 4 and standing outside during some sort of recess-like activity at a Montessori school in Austin, TX.  It was muddy, and it was raining.  I remember bright colors in the umbrellas and the ponchos, but can’t remember what those colors were.

One insightful thing: as I was describing my theme to Mike in the coffee line this morning, I brought up how in terms of influencing me today, what actually happened isn’t as important as what I remember.  He then remarked that I should just remember only happy stuff.  It is interesting to think about how much I would even want to modify my own memories, given the opportunity.  My guess is not much – my sense of identity is too important to me, flawed though it might be, to willfully rewrite its foundations in that way.