(You may want to read yesterday’s Ditch Day 1999 first, if you haven’t already.)

I had a great time with my Sophomore year stack (themed “Sneakers” and put on my some of my favorite college friends), but I feel like most of that experience was just good times with friends, and good tips on how to build my own stack when it came to that.  Today I wanted to talk about my Junior year’s Ditch Day, though, because of how upset I was.

You see, at that point I had already teamed up with Todd, Tom and Garrett to start designing this awesome, totally fun and highly themed Ender’s Game stack.  Unfortunately for us, when we woke up for 2001’s Ditch Day and started perusing the available stacks, one of the Seniors had “scooped” us with an Ender’s Game stack of her own.  I was so upset, thinking about how much work we had wasted, and what sort of plan we would have to come up with to “fix” this problem.  The four of us even all went on the same stack, which was an excellent mystery-style concoction that had the same fun feel as the Redhead Conspiracy, but I was grumpy and complained much of the time about the Ender’s Game stack.

Three interesting mistakes I made that day: I didn’t go on the Ender’s Game stack, which would have been a good mood check and also a good source of interesting ideas (I was later made aware of how unthemed it really was, when you got right down to it); I dwelled on why somebody else doing our theme was bad for us, instead of focusing on constructive stuff (like working on a new theme, or why it could be good for us); and I missed out on some of the fun of the stack I actually did go on.

I know one of my weaknesses is that I dwell too much on the negative potential of situations, but that day put it in sharp relief for me when later I looked back and realized what I was doing.