I’m here (reporting live) from Madison, getting tours from the lovely, amazing Amanda, and also some Magic nerds. (sorry, I mean “intellectual badasses”). Last night, though, rather than go out for food, Danner convinced us to roll our own sushi.

It was awesome that he already knew what the pieces to the puzzle were: what materials we needed, where to get high-grade fish, and things like great avocados and rice cookers. Other than once hanging out at Ralph and Ayeh’s and there being sushi making going on, I never really felt motivated to make sushi on my own, so having Danner leading the charge was great.

Amanda and I were discussing how cooking/preparing food can often feel like a chore (albeit one resulting in deliciousness!) but social cooking does not. Time to start thinking about ways to involve friends more in my trying-to-cook process… 😉