Tomorrow… or I guess, today, since I am posting this early in the morning, I am taking myself offline.  I’ve commented a little on my suspicion that I have highly addictive tendencies, and — surprise, surprise — addiction to information (and the accessibility of information) falls under that umbrella.  I especially feel that lately, with my stress levels up, I have been constantly looking for stress-relief/validation/release in my social circle online and it is not really there to do that (or at least, I feel terrible using the people there for that kind of stuff implicitly).

So, today I’m taking a day cut free.  I have a pretty good schedule of stuff to do that won’t involve any Internet.  I don’t plan on replying to any texts, or checking email, or checking any websites.  I think I’ll keep my phone on for emergencies (and in case I get super lost going to places).  The goal is to see what emotional states are so tied to being 24-7 connected, and whether I value having those reactions or if they are functioning more like needing a fix.

(My guess is the latter, hence the need for a somewhat drastic experiment of “cold turkey” for a day!)

I’ll post again tomorrow about how it went, and what I learned – hopefully, something useful about myself!