So I think the experiment was a success – a good day overall, learned some interesting things about myself, and have a plan to treat my Internet usage.  I did use my phone a little bit — but just to find things in downtown Seattle while wandering around drunk, and to get down Emily’s phone number.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. :)

I got up and went to Wallyball, met up with a bunch of great work friends and had a great set of games.  I’ve been playing for maybe two years now off and on and I can definitely feel myself on the edge of “leveling up” and becoming a much better player.  After Wallyball, I went to get lunch at Eats Market (whose BLTs I have raved about in the past) and then took Max over to the Turians, where I rescued fellow beagles Tulip and Buddy from the impending bridal shower there.  We had a looong walk through the Cedar River area and a good few hours at the dog park.

That evening, I met up with Ryan and we went to a comedy show with Events and Adventures – a singles group that organizes tons of stuff in the Seattle area (and beyond!)  I was there as his guest, and we quickly hit it off with a pretty and funny woman named Emily.  She sat with us at the show, remarked on how Ryan and I were like brothers (i.e. both nerds), and then accompanied us to out-on-the-town afterward.  We tried a newish dance club (meh) and then an Irish pub (yay) and on the way out, well, I already mentioned that part.  It was a great day, actually.

So, what did I learn?

  • I don’t think I like being cut off completely from the Internet, but I definitely appreciate moderating my usage.  I think I will be closing down Gmail and Facebook during the day, and catching up at lunch and other free times.  Bonus: I’ll probably become more efficient at work!
  • I am very dependent on other people’s opinions of me, so when I mostly removed those from the equation, I realized I am not nearly as self-sufficient as I want to be.  I also have lower self-esteem than I would like.  Not sure what to do about this one except, well, worry about that stuff less!
  • I do a lot of outdoorsy stuff when I am not i-connected, but I also don’t really consider “stuff outdoors” to be progress toward a goal.  It’s a temporary escape, and I get frustrated with myself for not “doing anything.”
  • I need to watch that I am treating my friends properly in frequency of chatting and emailing.  When I cut myself off, my emotional brain rebelled at not hearing from my friends (even though my logical brain knew that’s because I told them not to) – it is selfish of me to demand my friends take interest in my life at all times (and it sort of feels like that’s what emotional-me wants), so I need to work on that.