No, not the movie.  Although I hope to see it (and review it) one day soon!

So I spent a lot of the day anxious.  This was for many reasons, but above all it was my date with Emily.  It was difficult to get work done!  As the day drew to a close and my nervousness increased hojillion-fold, I ran into Mike and he gave me two good pieces of advice: she’ll probably be as nervous as you are (yeah, right!) and if you think of anything, just say it (ah, I hope I can do that!).  I successfully made my way over to our dinner and — shocking! — had a great time.


  • We have the same birthday (day and month).  What!
  • We had a great discussion about maturity, and then some good chats about philosophy, rulebreaking and Wine for Dummies.
  • We had a lot to talk about, and I didn’t mess anything up.  Woot!
  • We will go on another date. *fingers crossed*

(Okay, maybe that last part belongs in the lower section.)


  • YESYESYES I didn’t mess anything up!  Woooooooo
  • I was super worried I wouldn’t know “how” to do the date thing (it has been a long long time) but everything seemed to work out.  When my head isn’t messing things up with overanalysis, I’m a pretty good person to be around, if I do say so myself.
  • I got a good sense that she likes me. 😀 😀 😀

Alright, I figured being so high-minded all the time with craziness about time travel and justice and identity, I can be a little silly in some posts.