I am slightly (okay, maybe muchly) inebriated, sitting here with a ton of awesome folk – Todd, Tory, Sam, Kirsten, Nate and Nick – remembering I have to write a blog! I have been having quite a bit of chocolate porto, so this might be a litkktke slurrrred. :)

We had a blind taste test of sugar cookie recipes earlier (thanks Tory!) and I found out that one of the recipes had pepper in it! I am highly intolerant of spices in most cases, even up to black pepper, so I was mildly concerned. Turned out to be great thought!

I have been trying to get myself more resilient to spice intent, but other than garlic and wasabe, but my mouth is bit agreeable. It is sometimes hilarious when I go out to restaurants and the waitstaff is sort of unbelieving of my intolerance. But it’s true – despite my love of Indian food’s taste, for example, I can’t handle the “hotness” spicing.

Now, onward to the excellent video series Drunk History!