Today, I was moving myself down into the Magic R&D area, affectionately called “The Pit,” and I realized how much random stuff I collect (or have collected, I guess) over the years.  On a day to day basis, how much of this do I actually use?  My initial guess is that I don’t use anything other than my computer, my notes and a couple books/Magic cards.

Why is this true?  Well, I think it’s because I am unconsciously practicing one of my principles: stuff is way less important than experiences and people. I would also include pets in there, which I guess are mid-way between people and stuff. :)  Interestingly, I get upset at myself sometimes for not taking pictures (stuff) when I am on trips (experiences) because my memory is not perfect and I therefore miss out over time on some of the experience.  Pictures are really a physical representation of experience but my categorical rejection of the importance of stuff prevents me from retaining them (or bringing along the necessary equipment to take pictures).

I have very few things from earlier in life.  I also feel pretty great whenever I do a Great Purge and throw out a bunch of stuff I have collected.  In fact, I was considering doing just that as I moved my desk.  I’m going to put it off a bit, though, because (1) I do have the luxury of time to think on this move, since it is “at your own pace” as per my managerial chain, and (2) I don’t want to make the mistake of letting my anti-stuff emotional motivation rule me before I have a chance to logically judge the stuff I do have.