Since I am getting excited for the finales of a number of shows I watch, I figured I would talk briefly about my favorites and what I am watching now.  It’s on my mind!

  • Fringe: I am actually considering purchasing the iTunes episode for the 2nd part of the finale, tonight, rather than wait for it to show up on Fox’s website like I normally do.  I really enjoy the combination of detective stories plus crazy / weird science.  The actors are also quite engaging in their roles.  Some of it is silly, but I had it recommended to me, watched the first season on DVD and was hooked due to the pacing / run-up to the finale.
  • LOST: I think I definitely benefited from watching the first few seasons of LOST all together on DVD/Hulu.  I have heard a bunch of friends soured on it watching it week to week.  I appreciate the dramatic style of the show, and definitely relate strongly and emotionally to some of the characters (specifically Jack, Kate and Hurley), even if sometimes the plot advancement is… slow.
  • 30 Rock: I finally relented and started watching this when Netflix Instant got Season 1 – and it’s pretty hilarious.  It helps a ton that Tina Fey’s character Liz is so adorable and also eminently relate-able (?) … a common theme among shows I love!

Here are some of the shows I enjoyed from the past, with a short self-explanation:

  • Friends: felt like hilariously over-the-top version of my everyday life /  friend group interaction; relate-able characters (Ross, Chandler)
  • Scrubs: similar to the above, with Zach Braff’s character JD waaaaay more relate-able
  • Battlestar Galactica: great balance of characters and plot, obvious draw of space-drama (yay science fiction)
  • Futurama: I guess I love comedies and/or science fiction? :)