I realized I haven’t really covered that many of my principles over the course of this month, either because I haven’t had the time to sit down and expound upon them, or I had something I really wanted to talk about that was more currents-events-y.  Today, though, I wanted to touch on one that I definitely stand by even after discussing with others how and why they feel the way they do: giving people second chances.

I believe everyone deserves a “second chance”. But what do I mean when I say “second chance”?  I really mean that I judge a person’s ability to be responsible by their intent, not by their performance.  Of course, you can’t measure intent directly (whereas you can measure performance), but I tend to view a person’s performance as a way to judge both their ability (are they competent?) and their motive (are they a reasonable person to “trust” at this task?).

For me, the best measures of whether someone should have another crack at something is whether they intend to do it well.  If the gap is in their competence, and after seeing them try, I feel like that’s the barrier, I will try to make sure they get education or training or what-have-you before letting them do it again.  But if the gap is in their intent, game over.