Heading out to San Juan tonight on a red-eye flight; going to do event coverage there, and as two added bonuses, (1) it’s Puerto Rico so it’ll be a great get-away in a vacation-style destination, and (2) it’s my birthday on Saturday, and I’ll have tons of great friends there due to the Pro Tour.

To prepare for this trip, like all trips, I made a checklist.  I have checked all but three items off of it – pack, “bring Max to Turians”, and “get to airport” – but I noted while I was going through the list that I have started to accumulate a large number of burdens while traveling.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I really enjoyed Michael Crichton’s non-fiction autobiography-work Travels.  In it, he describes a lot of the personal development experience he achieved in the course of traveling all over the world.  One thing that stuck in my mind was his comment on loading himself down with all of his magazines, books, food, blankets, etc. on flights.  He felt overburdened and was enjoying the trips much less.  So he decided to just go on the plane with basically nothing – terrifying at first, but ending up wonderful.

I will have to try this – I have been reducing my load on flights (in terms of stuff I bring with me, but also expectations of getting “stuff” done) but I could just do a cold-turkey experiment and see how it goes.  I know I had a great time conversing with this woman Cindy on the flight back from L.A. two weekends ago — meeting people is great!