I have, for many years now, taken some time on my birthday – today! – to post about how I feel the year is going, what progress I’ve made on my goals, and some general thoughts about how life is.  Sure, it’s not exactly a half-year mark, but it’s close, and it’s a semi-special day for me!

I’m making good progress on writing and feeling good about my writing.  I have definitely kept up on the blog, and I have also felt good about the articles I’ve written for the Magic website this year.  I want to expand my writing to include fiction – one of the things I really enjoyed about the L5R game was how I had some good material as seeds for fantastical fiction stories.  I’d like to reignite some of that writing, though possibly not as part of an RPG experience (I don’t think I have the time for anything regular enough!)

I am out of shape, and it frustrates me.  I know I could get back into shape if (1) ate better, and (2) exercised more regularly.  I can’t develop the proper routines, and I’m not sure I know why.  I’ll have to spend some time thinking about ways to get that going.  Sheer willpower does not seem to be sufficient!

I’ve been traveling to see friends, and it’s been awesome.  I am going to do that even more in the latter half of the year.  I’ve decided perhaps I *do* have a utility-use for money, and don’t just hate it categorically: spending it on friends, sometimes by using it to visit them around the country (and world).  I’ve met some amazing people so far this year, and I expect to reinforce those connections and make even more as the year continues.

I do feel on the verge of reaching an excellent job state in the next few months – I’ve been blessed to have great people at work who listen to me and fight for me.  I really do enjoy working with the people at Wizards, so I will be doubly-happy when I have found myself the position I’ll also love day-to-day.  Work will always be work, but when you love what you do, it becomes… less work-like?  Profound!  I have still not resolved my long-long-term plans for world-changing, but I do have some ideas bubbling that I should flesh out on (digital) paper.

I may end up doing a few blogs on the individual resolutions I’ve set, specifically, but I feel pretty good overall.  Still plenty of room to improve, but getting there!