I decided for June’s blog theme I would return to “traditional” blog roots and give a little spiel about my emotional state each day.  I hope this will do two things – (1) it will let me work on blending my logic and emotion a bit better, since I’ll be striving to capture my emotions in the blog in addition to my normal logical thoughts, and (2) it will let me get an emotional barometer on myself over many days, identifying problems that I might not always identify via logic!

Today I woke up and felt oddly adrift.  Part of it might be the openness of a new month.  I feel somewhat disconnected, having just returned from a big trip (the Pro Tour in Puerto Rico).  Work doesn’t seem particularly pressing – maybe because I have too many things to do and no one of them is clearly winning the fight for my top attention.   I have residual guilt from not spending enough time with friends, and not separating my party-with-friends time from my work time sufficiently.  I feel wrapped up in my own thoughts a little more today than usual.

Also, an aside and a sneak preview for next month: I want to take hold of a project for my free time and write an entire month’s worth of blogs (or at least, most of a month’s) on that project and my work on it.  Maybe volunteer work?  Maybe some sort of personal programming project?  I’d like it to differ significantly from what I normally do – that way, I can also track the ways in which I change because of the project.