I decided the emotional exploration could wait, because (1) returning from a trip puts me into an ennui-ish mood anyway, and it would be better if I focus on something active rather than passive (like writing up my emotional state) and (2) I want to explore a plan-of-action with my blog soon before I lose nerve!

So, new theme.  This month is going to be Project Dave – I’m going to search for a project to do that’ll enrich me as a person.  Right now I’m considering volunteer work, and I’m going to go a’searching tonight and tomorrow and write about that.  It could also end up being a jumpstart for research into a business idea I had, and/or maybe a “change self” project (like a self-makeover, I guess?).  On that last one, the self-makeover, I think I’d need to sit down and really lay out my goal for such an endeavor, because off the top of my head, I know what I’d like to CHANGE (too analytical, don’t have much personal style, out of shape) but not completely sure what I’d want to BECOME.  Ooh, and another possibility is starting to learn to dance!  Also, build something, which I can never seem to pull through on.

If you have ideas for a project I could do (start) over the course of this month, let me know!