Went out to see Prince of Persia: Sands of Time last night with awesome folk as kind of a postdated birthday celebration, and I wanted to get my thoughts down.  I think I liked it overall – I am kind of a sucker for video game movies anyway, and despite its failings (which I’ll get into in a moment), it was an enjoyable watch.  I personally wanted more time manipulation because I am a time-control-junkie, but since it was an essential part of the plot, it figures they wouldn’t be able to use it as much as I wanted.

The biggest complaint I have about the movie is one Zac brought up, that the characters’ dialogue was all about telling the narrative, and when dramatic moments were attempted, they fell kind of flat.  It was cheesy, but I don’t really mind that — in fact, had it been a tad cheesier, it would have been waaaaay better!  As it was, it was straddling this strange line of humor/drama between Shrek and Lord of the Rings and it didn’t quite satisfy.  I guess that’s the danger of making these four-quadrant films that are supposed to appeal to young and old, male and female.

The action of the movie was satisfying overall – a very video gamey feel, very appropriate.  There were even a few homages to the Prince of Persia style “parkour”/puzzle games in some of the cinematography.  The acting was pretty flat – I was not feeling chemistry between the male and female leads, which is too bad, because they were both hot!  Uh, I mean… no, I guess that’s what I mean. :)

I would recommend this movie to anyone who (1) enjoys video games, specifically Prince of Persia (obv), and (2) doesn’t have critical film expectations for it – you just want to have a good time.  Which we did!