Wow today was busy.  I wish I was exaggerating when I say this is the first time today where I feel like I can really sit down and write a blog, but it’s basically true.  I guess I could have not socialized at lunch, but other than that brief period of time, I was booked up.

It began with an early morning and work on this new website, trying to get it ready to look at by this afternoon’s meeting.  The website, of course, is launching essentially Thursday and hasn’t had any QA eyeballs on it at all.  Fun!  In the midst of that, I had some design pow-wow with Ken, Brian and Mark, and then a chat with a different Mark about long-term job thoughts.  Pile on the second project, another website, in the last throes of bug zaps before it gets sent out the door, and you can see why I wanted a break for foods.

Post-lunch was a blessedly short Magic R&D update meeting, which dovetailed nicely into my back-to-back-to-back meetings on Gatherer imports, the afternoon meeting for the to-be-launched website (at which we did not look at said website, merely talked about it), and then rushing to home with carpool buddy Peter to feed Max, and getting over to Bellevue just in time to play cards with the Community Cup participants in town this week.


I did not have time to look up places to eat for Friday’s date, nor did I have time to do my soon-to-be-overdue expense report.  There’s always tomorrow!