I decided to try out this Amazon Fresh I keep hearing commercials for on the radio.  My reasoning, despite the Safeway being about two blocks away: it’s easier to collect my thoughts about what I want to eat over a number of days (the end of the week) and conveniently have the food arrive at my doorstep at the beginning of the week without my needing to take a special trip.  Also I am drawn to novel things, and I did really enjoy it when there was a delivery-like service in L.A. that I used from time to time at Caltech.

So, I loaded up a first order, stretching a bit to get to the $100 “free delivery” mark, and then slept fitfully until about 6am this morning.  Since I had chosen the pre-dawn time window, I went to the door and found five (!) crates waiting for me.  Sure, one of them contained only a free first-time customer floral bouquet (awww), but it was a lot more containment than I was expecting.  As I unpacked and started to put stuff away, I noted something else nice – the food was divided intelligently (frozen, refrigerated, breads, drinks) as opposed to the haphazard way my groceries usually are.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to delicious meals this week!