I know I should try to keep on theme, but I am also unwilling to force myself to write on something I don’t want to write about right now.  So, instead of progressing on that particular axis, how about some thought about other (minor) projects I’d like to do or am already working on?

  • social game called Monkey Business, which I am kind of architecting in my head and which I’d like to start implementing
  • 100 pushups, a cute app Monty showed me, that is training me up to do 100 pushups in one go – I’m on my way!
  • house rearrangement – need to buy a couch and a table, and make the guest bedroom livable before Debbie arrives next month
  • organize outings and trips with friends more often! (karaoke, Great Wolf Lodge?, Vegas?)
  • a couple other website ideas floating around in my head (Magic-related and non-Magic-related)
  • acquiring Physics books to start bootstrapping my way back to intelligent scientist (might be a while!)