I really enjoy pondering deep truths about the Universe.  It’s one of the two reasons I got into a Physics education (the other being my vision of an ideal world – see my first blog post of the year).  So, I decided I would dedicate a month (or so, when I am writing on theme) to interesting concepts in Physics.  I also enjoy explaining things, since it helps me learn, so this’ll hopefully be a good avenue for that too.

One of the secret benefits of my Physics class in high school, which was really closer to Projects than Physics, is that I was not really that well educated in Physics before I jumped headfirst into the courses at Caltech.  That meant that (1) I was challenged right away, and therefore was more interested in retaining the new information, and (2) I was in a constant state of discovery since I hadn’t seen tons of it before.  Later on in college, when I started doing labs and realized how much more fun with high school projects I had than labs with notebooks, I got my first hints that a Physics experiment career might not be for me.  But still, in those early years of discovery, I was all about the breadth of information I was taking in.

I’m going to try to also try to get a book on Physics that’s more technically oriented so that I can browse through and have specific things to talk about, but also so that I can retrain myself the correct way (as opposed to, say, reading wiki pages and assuming that’s all good).