It is somehow not surprising that as soon as I accept a non-programming job, I have an urge to program again (recreationally)!  It might be that I’ve been hanging out a lot at home with these beagles, beaglesitting as it were, and it might be that writing up a bunch of documentation on my old job has made me more interested in doing something.

Breeze is a project I took on back when I worked for Skilljam – it’s essentially a draft simulator for Magic, pick by email, for the drafting part (not the playing part).  I created it because I always wanted to get drafts together but getting lots of people all in the same place (especially specific friends in the same place) for a few hours, to play Magic and to not do anything else… well, it was difficult back before I worked for Wizards!  It was also just the right scope for a hobby project – finite, well-defined, data-driven but not too dynamic.  So I created Breeze, and it worked for a while, and then I stopped maintaining it.

So, like all good (bad) programmers, I am recreating it using more modern technologies rather than fix the old one.  I am also interested in using it to create Cubes, which is like a personal (sometimes themed) box of cards from which to draft, rather than specific booster packs.  We’ll see how it goes – I got through a good chunk of it this weekend, but there’s plenty more to go!