Saw A-Team with Emily yesterday, and I thought it was great!  Definitely one of the better/funnier/enjoyable movies I’ve seen this year.  I will admit, I was not a particular fan of the original A-Team, but it was great attending with someone who was because the nostalgia was infectious.  Not that there’s too much throwback-y humor – I’d say the right amount from my perspective.  The action was top notch for a summer blockbuster, and the plot was respectable – a little twisty but I enjoy that in a spy/action thriller type movie.

The real strength of the movie, though, was Murdock.  Liam Neeson was excellent as always as Hannibal, just a very solid performance.  The actors for both Face (Bradley Cooper, who I recognized but could not have told you from where – IMDb says the Hangover) and B.A. did act their characters just as I would have expected.  But Murdock… oh, Murdock.  Played by District 9′s “Wikus” (Sharlto Copley) he was straight up insane – by which I mean did an amazing job being both believable and hilarious and all over the place playing a moderately crazy man.  It was so fun to watch.

The movie also had two (!) previews for Scott Pilgrim, which I am becoming increasingly interested in seeing!