I’m about to leave for the evening to go see Inception at the Pacific Science Center IMAX here at Seattle Center.  I’m pretty excited – this is the movie I’ve been most looking forward to all year.  The review I heard this morning gave it very high marks (second best the reviewer had seen this year) and I’ve heard great things from friends.  What this experience is reminding me of is when I was in college, regarding The Matrix.

When I first heard about The Matrix, I was a freshman at track practice with my friend Tom.  He mentioned he had seen this kickass movie and he couldn’t really describe it.  He mentioned stuff about time slowing and action/Mission Impossible type stuff, and I was convinced.  Sure, I hadn’t heard of this movie, but I was kind of disconnected from the movie scene at college.  I rounded up some friends and we went into Hollywood to see it at the big (Grauman’s) Chinese Theatre.

I can still remember the audience’s collective intake of breath in the first scene when Trinity does her leap and rotate thing and kicks tons of butt.  Many times, when there is a unified audience reaction like that, people will cheer and I can get annoyed if I miss dialogue.  But this time, everyone was just speechless and it was wonderful.

Woo hoo!  I’ll review tomorrow.