Aha!  A *double* movie weekend!  I went to go see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice on Saturday for a matinee with Zac and Ken, and no small part of that decision was because my company has some prominent product placement in the movie.  It was pretty tasteful (I would totally put those up on my wall at work) but overall, the movie was only medium quality.

I do not think it was awful, but a good part of that was because I had lowered expectations going into it.  I didn’t hear positive reviews on it from the radio movie reviewer, and then Aaron was not kind to it in his review.  So, with those biases coming in, I actually found it to be enjoyable.  I do enjoy more campiness and silliness than most, though, and tolerate it significantly longer than some of my friends when watching a “popcorn movie.”

That said, I thought the plot was a bit weak, and the characterization of the main two “masters” – Cage and Molina – could have been much much better.  I’d say wait until DVD.