Mike asked me whether my blog theme was intended to be the one topic I *wouldn’t* write about that month, which, although funny, brought up a good point about my choice in themes.  I need to stick to a theme that is:

  1. has enough depth of topics that I will be able to quickly find one when I am out of other stuff to write about that day,
  2. is interesting enough that I want to write about it, and
  3. doesn’t require a ton of prep time to make a blog post about (since when I am going to theme for help, it’s because I don’t have much time to do anything else)

That being said, I think I have a great theme for the upcoming month: game design.  Since gaining more experience with what game design is and how to do it, and since attaining a position at Wizards where I am definitely doing game design constantly, I have a better perspective on why it’s important to me.  Before , I was worried that the scope of a game designer wasn’t “grand” enough, but experience design (which is really the heart of game design) has a lot to do with making a more ideal world.

I am also traveling a ton in August, so hopefully that’ll give me some meat to write about as well. :)