We often discuss the differences between lightly and heavily enfranchised players with respect to Magic, and also our new players and our “people we wish were players” audiences.  But it’s always amazing to me that Magic has such depth that it can support people who have been playing for 15+ years.  What sort of consequences does that sort of longevity have?

Take, for example, this activity related to Magic I am currently participating in: we are taking all 11,000 cards in Magic (one of each, essentially) and drafting in a predetermined order on a Google docs spreadsheet until we each have 75 cards.  Then on Sunday we are going to meet in a bar and battle each other with decks constructed of these cards.

It is amazing to me that Magic is robust enough a game to support this kind of activity.  Our current set on release, Magic 2011, is a set designed to be appealing to newer players.  The eight of us drafting are taking cards from over 50 such expansions and are furiously constructing strategies with them, some of which are totally new and some of which are based upon some of the many years of professional level gaming with Magic.

What a game.