You should watch Scott Pilgrim.  I knew nothing about it before about a month ago (maybe two?) when Mark Rosewater told me at work that he was hugely looking forward to this movie.  I have enjoyed a number of graphic novels (Preacher, Watchmen, Sandman) and I trust Mark’s opinion on worthiness of comics, so I started getting interested in this movie.  After seeing it, I am shocked that such a wonderful, playful movie was ever greenlit for a mass audience, but boy am I glad it was!

I saw a short clip with the film’s director in some sort of trailer capacity where he commented, “In musicals, when the emotion becomes too strong, people break out in song.  In Scott Pilgrim, they break out into fights.”  What an excellent way to describe the movie!  It was very analogous to a musical in how the fights developed particular aspects of the characters, and indeed, there was a “fight number” quite frequently.  In addition, the whole movie is laced with gamer culture-isms which are quite brilliant and especially laser-targeted to my generation and peer group.

Like all Michael Cera movies, he basically plays the same character, but I felt there was a bit more depth of relationship among “lovebirds” in this movie compared to some of his others (Nick and Norah, Juno), which I definitely appreciated.  It was also quite surreal, but deftly so – as Lee mentioned, you accept the suspension of disbelief at the beginning and the rest is quite elegant.

I am going to buy it on DVD, for sure.  I’m not sure if I will watch it again in the movie theater, but if you (a) have a game sound as a ringtone, or (b) fondly remember your Nintendo systems, or (c) are willing to poke fun at hipsters and/or gamers, and want a beautiful action-comedy, this is the movie for you!