I wanted to jot these down because a lot of them have been running through my head!  I don’t know if I’ll incorporate them into a game one day, but I thought they were sort of neat.

  • One player bids an amount for an in-game item and the other three vote on it.  Maybe modify the incentives so that unanimous voting is special?
  • Game turns that are exactly correlated to positions on a game board – that is, kind of like that level in Braid where your position on the screen between A and B determined where in the timeline you were between A and B.  So you could modify your previous moves based on what you see other people doing.
  • A game where you can choose an action each turn, but something special happens if N players in a row choose specific actions (like A-A-A-A or A-B-C-D)
  • You build rooms onto other people’s rooms – building the board as you go, getting a benefit from other people’s stuff.  Like Jenga or Scrabble.
  • You are a character in the game, and as you perform actions you “level up”.  Each level gives you new actions, but you can combine a bunch of lower-level actions to trade in for one bigger action (kind of a limited market system).
  • You can add a “style” or “tone” to your actions verbally (recording what you say) – when you say one, it gives a particular kind of bonus to the action you are taking right then, but at the end of the game, the progression of styles/tones matter.