I’m stuck on a plane waiting to fly to Amsterdam, and I realized I hadn’t written a blog today! So, here’s my plan for the month: I used the Facebook developers console to get a list of my friends out, which I threw into random.org. Then, I am going to take the first thirty and each day, talk about the friend for that day.

It’s been a while for some friends, and some I already see and talk to every day, but I definitely want to say what’s awesome about my friends and why it is great that we have (or had) our friendship.

I definitely feel – not blessed, not lucky, but amazed at all the wonderful people I know and call friends. So, I’m dedicating a month on my blog to saying so!

(I thought about making the list of people and when I was going to talk about them public, but then I thought it would be more fun not to!)

(Also my Internet access in Amsterdam might be spotty, so these posts might get pushed post-trip. I will still write them on time, though!)