I’ve actually only known Tifa for a short time, but she is totally fun to hang out with, and I was hearing good things about her from Zac and Lee before I met her. The reason I know her is, of course, Monday night karaoke, which although inconveniently timed for a busy workweek, is full of amazing people (like Tifa) and excellent times.

Tifa is a very bubbly individual, evidenced by how she jumps up and hugs everyone who arrives for an event. It’s really great to have a few “social pillars” in any gathering – friends who are welcoming to newcomers, who are comfortable involving surrounding people in new conversations – and Tifa is that for our karaoke group. Also she has an awesome voice! She is also a quintessential gamer, working at a game store, learning Magic and even doing something I strive to do – planning gaming evenings with friends.

I’m grateful that I know Tifa and it’ll be great continuing to become better friends.