Greg is the events coverage coordinater for Wizards, and among other insane work responsibilities like managing entire websites worth of content for Magic, he organizes and takes the lead on the event coverage we do for events. It’s pretty cool his name came up on my random sampling, because here I am in Amsterdam, having traveled for a Pro Tour event, and even though I am doing gunslinging (playing against all-comers as an R&D member) this time, it is Greg’s willingness to try me out as a reporter for event coverage that got me into traveling for Magic in the first place!

Greg’s very good at his job, and it’s awesome working with him. He’s always on top of what needs to get done, and manages a wide variety of personalities and… eccentricities?… during each event. I did high school and college journalism, but let’s be honest – students kind of fly by the seat of their pants when doing event coverage of any kind. Greg weaves excellent stories by properly using each of his writers, video guys, photographers and “talent” on camera at each event I’ve attended with him. He and I also worked together as a lead producer/developer pair for the current iteration of the Magic website, which was definitely one of my most enjoyable (challenging, but fun and dynamic) projects at Wizards as a web dev.

I definitely need to start hanging out with Greg more beyond Teriyaki Time Thursdays and events, because he is a genuinely great human being and I’m glad we are coworkers and – dare I say it! – friends.