When I first arrived at Caltech, I felt a little out of my element. I had met a few people when I came down to visit for the “prefrosh” weekend (determining which school to attend as a high school senior), but I didn’t know anyone at the first get-together for freshmen on campus after I found my room. I got some food at the BBQ, and looked for a place to sit. Jeremy, who had been standing in line with me, asked me if I wanted to sit down with him and a couple people he had met / known previously. Thus began our friendship, because it takes a great person to be open and inviting enough to ask a stranger to sit and share a meal (especially on a high-anxiety first day of college!)

Jeremy and I ended up rooming together our freshmen and (most of) sophomore years. We had some wacky adventures (getting kidnapped to go to Las Vegas for a weekend, prank wars with our friends in a different dorm, Starcraft battles and academic craziness), and we formed a strong strong bond. Like, ionic or something. He watched the movie Can’t Hardly Wait like 20 times in our dorm room while we did homework; I would play Ocarina of Time to an audience of him and sometimes Tim and Molly. Life was good. Tragically, Jeremy left and we didn’t see each other for a while, but since we have *true friendship powers* I still see him at PAX and on random occasions like a trip to Bend, OR!

I think the lesson I learned best from Jeremy was that I could be outgoing in a less than “all out” way and really develop socially. I used to be very introverted, and only with huge effort was I able to get over it for individual social situations. He’s awesome, and I’m more awesome for knowing him!