I met Leigh because she is Chris’s sister, and Chris and I were friends and dormmates at Caltech.  Chris was kind enough to invite me to stay with his family in RI once when I was living on the East Coast, and I got to meet his family – all of whom are badass, and Leigh near the top of the list.  Leigh eventually ended up in Boston while I was there, and invited me to a party, which may not seem like much, but it’s often the small things that define the merit of a person – in this case, kindness to friends, even not-particularly-close friends.

Leigh and I have spent some time chatting online, since we are all connected in that way socially these days, and since I moved away from Boston I haven’t found the time to visit as many friends as I’d like.  She’s got a great sense of humor – probably the wittiest/most sarcastic I know? or at least tied with Alexis! – and has no problem chatting about random stuff like music and job envy and so on.  I should have found time to look her up in Madison, WI when I visited but did not 😛 so I will be planning another trip there sooner rather than later!

It’s always awesome when you find an excellent friend, and through them other excellent friends.  It’s like the system is working properly!