I met Dylan during a Thursday night Draft Club draft, which is to say during an evening where we played Magic after working on Magic.  Dylan was quite forward and friendly – introducing himself and claiming he had in fact spent all week on introductions.  He was exactly the right combination of interested in what you had to say, and interesting things to say, and I later discovered also has a razor sharp instrument of sarcasm on him.  Even now, despite my conscious awareness of his legendary sarcasm, I get taken by it when we are conversing.  Dylan is also one of the few friends who just “get” me when I’m geeking out on gaming references, possibly because he’s more of a geek than me. :)

Dylan and I have a lot in common – we are both devastatingly handsome, we both think too much, we both loooove games and playing games with friends, we both enjoy teasing Bill Stark (we kid because we love!) and we both care a lot about our friends.  Dylan also has more experience in the games industry than me, and cares more about the “real world” than me (as in, he’s formally studied economics and such).  We still have really interesting conversations all over the place, though, as good friends with varied interests should.  It is Dylan’s model of a manager – the kind that holds his people up to others when they accomplish something great, and protects them from outside influences while they are doing their work – that I admire most of the friends I have seen as managers.

Although it was a sad day for all at Wizards when a bunch of excellent people were let go with the dying breaths of the Gleemax initiative, I don’t think I miss anyone’s company quite as much as Dylan’s at Wizards.  We just clicked so well, and also had enough to argue and disagree about, that I was always interested in spending more time chilling with him, and I am sad I don’t see him every day anymore!