When I met Teresa, she had just said “yes” to Dwayne’s marriage proposal, on the first Magic Cruise.  Now, I understand this predisposes them to have been friendly to me (and in fact, I think I had met Dwayne at local Seattle Magic events previously), but even so, they were quite nice and easy to talk to.  Teresa, not being a Magic player herself, and I, not really able to play tournament Magic and looking for cool people to hang out with, ended up chilling together (with Jess, Rachel and Shannon) a bit on the rest of the cruise.

Teresa shares my affinity for corralling/organizing a bunch of gamers to go out together for dinner/etc.  She’s also quite good at it when she puts her mind to it.  Like many of my socialite-type friends, she’s very good at being inclusive in conversations, which I really admire because I feel awful when friends are left out of each other’s space on a full group outing.  Teresa and Dwayne’s wedding was wonderful, and it was Teresa’s idea to have Joe Rick Roll the audience – truly a genius masterstroke, and also hilarious.

Teresa and I aren’t hanging out all the time, but the time we do get to hang out together – Monday night karaokes, after long Magic events, etc. – is definitely much better for her presence.  She even found a sweet Thai place after an event here in Seattle that didn’t spice me to death – big thumbs up!