Mark and I work together, but I’m not sure we’ve ever been on the same team for a project.  He and I have talked quite a bit, though, and worked on various tasks apart from our project stuff.  Although we often get snippy with each other and debate a bit heatedly, I think it’s because we are *too* similar, not that we have too many differences.  My theory was borne out a bit when we roomed together recently in Amsterdam and it was totally fine.  Mark is very very smart (even though he wrongly believes his alma mater MIT is better than Caltech – pffft!), has an analytic mind, doesn’t ignore and often is prey to his emotions, and is a genuinely good person.  Remind you of anyone? :)

Mark has an excellent capacity for fun – he’s one of the people who work on Magic who enjoys playing it for its own sake, something I very much appreciate.  Mark doesn’t seem to appreciate stupidity, but has no problem educating others and helping them to understand.  Like me, even when he feels certain about something, he’s willing to listen and maybe even change his mind.  I have laughed quite a bit with Mark, even when stressed about work and what-not, and I really appreciate that.  He likes LOST (like me) and he likes crazy theories (also like me).  He and I, along with Greg, also had great times doing 1v1 Winston Cube in the past, which is in essence a fun design/gameplay experience with Magic.

I think he’s still off gallivanting around Europe (which is uncharacteristically slackerish of him!) but I am looking forward to working and laughing with him in the future!