It’s strange how some friends remind me of their qualities, and others of the moments I spent with them. Tom is of the latter kind – we were dormmates in college, and shared more than one adventure. He’s got a great sense of humor, is super nice, and obviously intelligent – and is also one of the friends on which I know I can rely when I need help.

Tom and I got a little punch-drunk one evening as sophomores, and for some reason found the Nutty Bars (chocolate peanut butter wafers) available in the room hilarious. We raced to see who could eat one the fastest, since that person would clearly be the King of the Nutty Bars! You may not remember that this treat comes packaged in twos, leading Tom to rightfully remark, “In the land of the Nutty Bars, the man with half a Nutty Bar is king!” There are few times in my life I have laughed harder than I did that night.

Tom and I also worked together on our Senior Ditch Day stack, along with Todd and Garrett. Fun times, and despite my complete exhaustion at the end of our last-minute preparations for it, I still recall Tom getting stuff done (like the insane oversized Labyrinth puzzle he and Garrett made) and laughing like it weren’t no thing.

It’s a little sad that he and Katharina are so far away in Britainnia now, but luckily he’s a ‘Softie and makes it out here to Seattle from time to time!