Worth is a good man. Not only is he devilishly handsome, he’s intelligent and fun! Worth and I don’t actually have too much time to hang out together, but everytime we do (various drafts at Wizards, company or Rosewater events when applicable, and the once-in-a-while party like Worth and Ryan’s Black and White party [which was totally sweet!]) it is very good times. Worth’s been a part of Magic a long time, and has certainly directed its course for the better over that period – something I greatly admire and respect because (1) I too am trying to help it to be better, and (2) I love Magic as a player. Beyond work, Worth’s dedication to his personal pursuits like DJing inspire me, and his strong strong bond to his friends from ye olden times (which comes up here because he is sometimes away visiting them and thus I cannot spend time hanging out with him!) is admirable.

Worth’s also a great example of a person who respects and encourages intelligence and wisdom in the people he works with – which is doubly awesome, because it means he infuses his organization with those values. A ton of the people I interact with – maybe all of them! – in his Magic Digital organization (I say “his” but it’s really a combined effort of many manager/director types) are totally great to work with and get the job done, and that’s a credit to Worth as well. If I ever end up trying to bootstrap my way in managerishness, I hope to follow in Worth’s example because I think he does it very well. Of course, like many of my friends, Worth’s got a mischievous streak, and I definitely enjoy that persona as well.

Tragically (for the rest of us), Worth’s time is often devoted to his wife and son, who also seem like amazing people (so I don’t blame him!) Still, every once in a while, we do get to shoot the shit together, and for that I am quite happy!