Rachel’s the smart, witty, pretty, hilarious and excellent project manager with Magic Online – okay, well, those descriptors apply to more than one project manager I work with, but still, they apply quite well to Rachel! She’s probably is the most in-tune with social media of my friends, with the exception of those whose job actually *is* social media, and a significant part of that seems to be making friends and acquaintances aware of awesome stuff happening here in Seattle (just as other friend Keridwyn does – and they are like an uber-combo together!) I really enjoy knowing that if I have the urge to find someplace new, Rachel will be happy to provide recommendations.

Rachel’s also a fine food nut, and connoisseur of simple, beautiful things in life – a stark contrast with her get-it-done work-work-work attitude I see on the job! I have few friends who are as into “work hard, play hard” as Rachel is, and it’s inspiring. Because of this, she and I don’t have too much time outside of work to hang out, but the occasional social outing, party or even just minutes at work chatting have delivered unto me a bonanza of recommendations for restaurants, books and movies. I’ve tried to repay the favor by teaching her to crush at Magic, but the jaws of no-free-time snapped down tight and we haven’t had a training session in a while.

Rachel is definitely one of my friends who loves life the most, and it’s really great to see that and be motivated to do the same, because I often get bogged down in details and need to see it from a different perspective. If she didn’t work so hard all the time, maybe we could hang out more! (Yes, Rachel, I’m talking to you! ;))