Kellen’s a local Seattle Magic player, but hilariously I didn’t really have any clue who he was (even having shown up to multiple events at the local competitive game store and to Cube drafts) until very recently. Kellen’s totally awesome though, and I am very happy I know him. Not only does he have an amazing sense of humor – the kind that when you’re worried you have a stupid joke and nobody will laugh at it, but then Kellen does honestly and you feel much better! – but he’s apparently some sort of acrobat (which I still don’t believe, because he *clearly* doesn’t backflip everywhere) and also just a sweet, nice guy. I basically can’t stop smiling when Kellen is around.

Kellen and Joe recently did the storefront work in Amsterdam for local card store CardHaus, and despite their extreme exhaustion due to jet lag and running around doing errands, Kellen still found time to come and say hi and give me a hug. It’s a small thing (I mean, the hug was nice!) but it really indicates to me the kind of gentleman Kellen is: dedicated to what he does and to his friends. I regret we were unable to battle the Magical cards, and in fact, I’m not sure I have ever played Kellen, but man that sounds like a hilarious and wonderful time!