Marcy and I actually met a number of times in the hallway on the fourth floor before we started chatting and becoming friends. Over time, especially over the course of many work events in far and away places, we got spend more time getting to know each other. Marcy’s got a busy busy job in office, but luckily while we are at events, she has time to chill – kind of silly that the most time we hang out is when we are thousands of miles from the workplace. Just like me, Marcy takes on a little too much to do and gets stressed, but she is usually cheery and wonderful with people while on the job, despite how stressed/tired she is – a skill I wish I had myself!

Marcy seems to be the kind of person I wish I could be with respect to friends – focused and devoted to a small number of them, with really strong friendships. When we were in San Juan, she graciously joined me and a crew of other friends to go out for dinner on my birthday. This was great because not only is she wonderful with new people (despite her complaints to the contrary, Marcy is *amazing* at making friends in my experience!) but she also kept me cheerful and laughing because she’s a goofball and a excellent socializer. Marcy’s also super cute and happens to be shorter than me, which is a big positive in my book because I so rarely get to be (comparatively) tall! :)

Marcy is a wonderful friend and I love hanging out with her. She’s got the perfect mix of sass, kindness, devotion to others and sense of responsibility, and really the only strike against her is she stays too busy for me to corner any of her time. 😛