Todd and I got to know each other during my freshman year of college, since we both lived in Blacker and frosh are pretty tightly-knit at Tech. I remember him saying he was awesome at Starcraft, and I challenged him, and I tried to cheese him with cannons (which, for those who don’t know Starcraft, is kind of like trying to sneak up behind someone and scare them hard enough they wet themselves). It didn’t work, of course, but I laughed my head off, and everyone had a good time. Todd and I went on to be class officers together, play various strategy games, enjoy yearly Vegas trips, get back into Magic (he is the one who got me back into it via Magic Online), even start an online business and eventually have regular game and TV nights.

Todd is one of my closest friends, and it’s no surprise why: he cares deeply about his friends, is both jovial and social, enjoys gaming immensely. We think alike, chat a ton, and try to visit each other (along with our associated nearby friends) frequently. Todd even asked me to be one of his groomsmen for his wedding, which was totally awesome, and his wife Tory is one of my closest friends in her own right – the two of them are amazing and it’s wonderful they are together.

Todd’s also an inspiration to me because although we share a lot of the same thought pathways (he and I would get into philosophical/political/etc. discussions over game night in Los Angeles quite a bit along with our other friends attending), he is much more responsible and dedicated to self-improvement in ways I wish I could be. He runs marathons (something I could never do but which I greatly admire!), plans many many trips to visit friends and learns valuable life skills in his free time. Basically, I’m super happy we’re friends because he is so awesome, and it barely matters than I am so thoroughly upstaged. 😉