Nadia and I went to high school together, and above and beyond being a very intelligent, kinda snarky, lovely lady, she and I were pretty good friends. I recall having lots of fun with her, through numerous shared classes, study groups, movie outings, school dances (I took her to our Senior Winter Ball, which was by far my most fun high school dance experience) and all of the rest of high school stuff. Nadia’s just a great complement to any group, because she has such a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but she’s also great one-on-one because of her keen intellect and insight. Add to that her talent as a dancer and a smartypants in general and you’ve got a totally awesome friend.

Nadia also has a wonderful relationship with her family, something I strive to have as well with my family. She and her sister are literally the funniest together, and I recall her home being a warm place for everyone. I love my family, but sometimes I am not really patient or understanding enough with them, and Nadia’s (apparent) easy report with hers is inspiring.

Although we basically lost touch after high school, when I went to New York City for grad school we reconnected a bit and she almost made it over to join me for a sweet concert. Tragically, life and work got in the way and it didn’t work out, but one day maybe we’ll reunite and share more laughs and good times!